White will go out of style - said no one ever!

Here's how to WOW in WHITE ⬇️ It's a must to have these white outfit staples in your closet.

👉🏼 keep a crisp white button-down for casual events

👉🏼 opt for #elevatedcasual by adding a casual blazer in the mix!

👉🏼 whether you're going for a monochromatic all-white look, or you'd like to keep things clean and fresh, a white leather sneaker will tie things up nicely ❤️

You may have some hidden gems in your closet that could be style staples without you knowing it. Schedule an online closet assessment with me today to find out! www.paulanewlands.com

Like something from the Style Board? Use the images to guide you to the website, purchase anything at your convenience.

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